Wednesday, February 29, 2012

baru nak sambung??!

setelah sekian lama, tuan tanah kembali menjenguk blog beliau yang makin dilupai ini.
sapu habuk sikit.
banyak la pulak sawang.
he he. mane tak nye,
nak dekat 5 bulan kot cerita
Sultan Mizan Cup 2011 tertunda.
okey-okey harini kita bersiaran lagi
menyambung cerita yang tergendala itu.
eh! carik2 folder nak tempek gambar xjumpa lah pulak.
dipendekkan cerita, my hero didn't completed the race.
he started well, and getting better up to the 3rd loop.
but after that, the horse's performance is dropping drastically.
seriously like hell!
the horse he rode was hospitalized after 120km, the UPM vets collected his blood samples and after testing it,
they came out with a very shocking results!
his sugar level drops to the lowest you can ever imagine!!
that explains his tiredness, losing appetite etc...
there is a term used to explain this situation,
"hypo", I think.
this is a very rare situation for a performance horse, which has been carefully taken care of the dietary and supplements.
but what is weird,
the other 2 horses doesn't have the same problem.
even they were treated the same way all the time.
same amount of food intake, same supplements, same training schedule etc...
now i know, during the ride, there was something called "power booster" given by the team vet to be used on 3rd loops onwards, when the horses are quite tired.
it cames in the form of capsules, so as told by the Dr, I had to dissolve it in water first then put in a syringe to be used orally.
only my husband's horse took that booster, because I was responsible to care of the medicine and stuff,
when I gave it to another rider, he refused to take it from my hand. he said he'll take it later, so i just leave it on the table and after he took off for the next loop, i saw the booster is still there.
he didn't take it, obviously.

maybe that booster also contributes to the horse's downgraded health issues.
only ALLAH knows.

however, the other horse my husband trained for the ride and was ridden by a female rider from South Africa placed 3rd! and carry USD10,000.00 home!
and that is a HUGE thing to celebrate!
when you are responsible to train 2 horses, one you will ride by yourself and another one are to be ridden by other person
most people say you will do more on yours,
focused more on yours,
but my husband proof he didn't practice bias in training
he treat them just as same.
and to see the horse he train for other person be on the podium is something really to be proud of.
furthermore, the completion percentage were also really really bad this time
only 9 horses completed out of 52 all together.
which is about 15%
from the total horse started the race.
So, there goes my story of Sultan Mizan Cup 2011.

and so, we are no longer with that 'particular' team.

till next time, xoxo
thanks for reading.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sultan Mizan Cup Endurance Challenge ; Part 1

yeayy! kami dah selamat sampai disini..di Terengganu International Endurance Park!

kami datang awal. sebab tak sabar2 dah. event ni best tau! ada kereta sponsor yang purata harganya xkurang suku juta okey!

1st day kat sini semalam dah pegi check out dan berangan nak kereta mane2. hi hi.
antara yang top dalam senarai adalah Land Rover Discovery 4 dan pilihan kedua adalahBMW X5. ceh pilihan berlagak tu! bila lagi uollss nak drive kete mahal2 nih. walaupun tahun lepas dah dapat Land Rover, tahun ni pun still teringin lagi. Driving with that car, I tell you ; is heaven on earth!!! best betul. walaupun Discovery 4 bukanlah sedan, tp 4x4 tapi dia punya suspension bagai memang macam kereta biasa je...maklumla, terbiasa drive with Toyota & Mitsubishi punya 4x4, depa tu agak keras sikit. ngee~~~ baru dapat kereta sponsor dah kondem kereta yang selama ini banyak berjasa. ceh. tak sedar diri!.;P

Accomodation utk riders pun organizer sponsor. dekat GEM Beach Resort plak tu. tahun lepas Sutra je. (aihh kenapa "Sutra je"). he he. maybe I think GEM is better than Sutra kot. tapi sponsored room will only be given on 5th Oct. so meanwhile and as usual we stayed at the Groom Quarters ; our favourite accomodation beacuse its free, its closer to the stable and it have aircond. ngee~~~ like last year, we surrendered our hotel room to other people and we stayed in groom quarters. we are like 10times prefer to spend the night close to horses even the place is not so cozy rather than spending the night away from horses in fancy luxurious room but can't get the good sleep thinking about horses. which one do you think is better?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

1 Malaysia National Horse Show

1 Malaysia National Horse Show 2011 80km CEI 1*

This event will take place in Paya Indah Wetland, Dengkil, Selangor.
the race is programmed to start at 4am and we are leaving today!
just me & hubby as the team manager, because the rider+horse+groom already left 2 days ago.
bigger responsibilities taking care of 4 performance horses here, yauuw! dat is why we can't leave too early.

a lil info :
1st Prize ; RM15,000.00

okey tu je. hadiah nom2,3,4, sah-sah makin kurang kan. bak kata Big Boss saya, nombor lain selain nombor satu tak penting. ada ke org tanye sape org kedua pegi bulan? takdak kann~~? so only 1st place matters. (mata duitan tak?)


Friday, September 9, 2011

spoil mood raya jerrrr.

cik kuda kesayangan semua org di planet TMKN luka semalam. 9/9/2011
hai lah nasib ko ler sophie. sapa suh noty tahap gaban. kan dah padan muka....

terlepas pegi open house sbb nak jahitkan luka kamu tu. kan dah spoil mood raya beta & suami.

can you see the thin white line tu? mcm ligament or something, kan?

dressing - walaupun luka fresh tp byk gila darah berketul dlm luka dia. kena santal mcm luka yg dah lama. inchek suami ckp kuda ni sgt sihat sbb darah dia mudah beku. dia punya anti-go glen(eh betul ker mek eja ni. ;P) tinggi. patutlah I tgk darah yg menitik atas lantai tu sekejap je jadi jelly.

after shaved


tadaaaa~~13 stitches semuanya.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Salam Eid Mubarak to all horseman, horsewoman. and all Muslim!

*berkelip2 bintang beta. hua hua hua*

maafkan segala-mala tersilap petah bicara beta, sesungguhnya kita manusia biasa xlepas daripada membuat kesalahan, antara sengaja atau tidak.

salam aidilfitri daripada sweetrider to all muslims.
semoga keceriaan memenuhi sambutan lebaran kali ini.

ohh~~ tak lupa juga, dalam2 sibuk buat persiapan nak sambut raya dan bercuti raya jangan lupa kuda tu ya. training kena jalan xkira puasa ke tak puasa ke. no excuses, okeh! big event coming soon, kalau rehat bulan puasa sebulan, sia2 je usaha berbulan2 sebelum nih. ye tak?

few pictures of hubby and other TMKN riders on beach & hill ride during fasting month.
they are tough!

beach ride


hill climbing

*selisih dengan lori hantu*

very slippery trail. terpaksa lead kuda masing2

tong air dah menanti. lega~~~

bestnya dapat minum. rider sila tengok aje.

leading horses downhill.

yeay! training is finished! now is the time to take a good shower in the shallow river.

apa rahsia diorang ya?bulan puasa pun gagah perkasa?
no.1 ; SEMANGAT!!
no.3 : CUKUP KHASIAT. (err ni utk hubby I je kot.)
no.4 : MINAT

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

new blog!

I think its the time to create new blog and separate stories in my life.
this blog is specifically dedicated to horsie things only!
the other blog name Raihamina - Living life as a wife is officially launched!
it will hold my thoughts, opinion, experience, knowledge as for being someone's wife (and soon, someone's mom!!)

I think its more appropriate to let Horseylicious, held the stories regarding to my passion in horse riding & endurance only. I don't want to mess things up in here. (which is already messy enough!)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RTES Endurance Ride V ; 2011

Lorraine - wearing 79

Hidalgo - wearing 179
who picked the vest number? me! me! its my favorite part during competition!
Lorraine & John - Hidalgo & Azizie

not much to tell, but I have to say we manage to rebuild rotten horses and trained them to successfully completed 80km. we brought 2 horses which one of them suffers back pain and just got the acupuncture treatment earlier this year. and the other one just recovered from very bad hoof damage. when I say bad, it is very-very bad that you could barely say he has hooves! he could barely walk too! but thanks to supplements and good care, these two manage to recover and now proudly making their way to Sultan Mizan Cup 2011 - which also known as the Endurance of the year! this event has been re branded from Sultan's Cup to Sultan Mizan Cup. previously the organizer offers US$ 10,000.00 for the champion(which won by our TMKN rider), rumors says that this year's prize money will be bigger. (how awful! i cannot ride in this event!). so Malaysian endurance rider/team are all trying their best to be able to participate in this event. the qualification needed are twice 80km(FEI 1*) for new horses & riders. but before you can make it to 80km, you have to complete twice 40km first - its the national federation (EAM condition).

so now we have more horses qualified to Sultan Mizan Cup than the riders. the team still have one rider who needs to complete one more 80km. he will be doing his final 80km in September, which will be held in Wetland, organized by Selangor Turf Club. (if I am not mistaken.). this is the first time they ever held an endurance ride and they offers mindblowing prize money - RM25,000! of course, not bigger than Sultan Mizan Cup's prize money, it is still the event of the year, fellas!

9 months ago - Hidalgo's fore hooves.

recent pictures of Hidalgo's hooves